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In 1986, the Ramos Velázquez family, residing in the town of Isabela, unified a group of citizens concerned about the scarcity of services offered to people with disabilities. That same year, under the direction of the siblings Sonia and Radamés Ramos, the organization "Aid Center for Children with Disabilities Inc.", known by its acronym CANII and registered as a non-profit corporation, was established on June 26, 1986 in the Department of State of Puerto Rico.


The objective was to carry out a study of the needs of children and young people with disabilities who did not receive essential services in the town of Isabela. The study reflected a surprising number of unattended cases, a multi-disciplinary service center called; “Help Center for Children with Disabilities, Inc.” (CANII) in the facilities of the old Isabela Nursing Home ceded by the Municipal Government, which had to be enabled, repaired and remodeled the areas. 


On October 27, 1988, CANII inaugurated the "Respite Program" where parents could take their children with severe disabilities to receive food, care, physical therapy and medical-pediatric services. In this way, parents would have time to perform other tasks such as: work and complete academic studies while their children received services.  Families from other neighboring towns began to request the care and therapy services of the "Respite Program".


In 1991 CANII makes a proposal to the Department of Education under the Special Education Program and establishes a related services contract to provide educational therapy services to students from the Arecibo and Mayagüez Regions. In 1992, the CANII Center was born in Lares, which later moved to the town of Camuy.  In 1993, CANII emerged in the municipality of Hatillo. 


In September 1995, thanks to the CANII municipal administration, it transferred the facilities to the former Isabela Diagnosis and Treatment Center, an old municipal hospital, remodeling the first floor to provide therapeutic services.  


In 2003, given the increase in participants, CANII entered a phase of development and expansion, building a second floor in the building, adding the following areas: Physical Therapy Gym, Aquatic Therapy with Indoor Pool, Occupational Therapy Gym, Technological Assistance, Sensory Room, Speech and Language Therapy Offices and Psychological Therapy Offices, Waiting Rooms and Ample Parking. In addition, we began the development of an innovative Project of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and a temporary accommodation for patients called "CANII Home". In addition, therapy services for older adults began to be offered and that is why CANII amended the name in 2003 to "Center for Adults and Children with Disabilities, Inc." in Department of State of Puerto Rico. 

Currently, CANII offers educational therapy and rehabilitation services to approximately 21 towns in the following regions: Bayamón, Morovis, Arecibo, Mayagüez, San German and Ponce. We offer the service of Medical Plans and Private services, for the benefit of patients.


For more than three decades, the Center for Adults and Children with Disabilities, Inc. (CANII) continues firm in its rehabilitation services to improve the quality of life and optimal functioning of the population with disabilities.



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